Monday, July 7, 2014

Ok, We are going back to work.

Larry will be in Guatemala Aug 12, 2014 and I will join him Sept 5.  We are feeling good and are ready to get back out there.
Felis and Pedro have been life savers, of the best minty kind.  We love them and the kids who came to help us in our time of need.  They will be going to the States for 2 month and we will help with the school, manna, home and camp and teams while their are gone.  We are starting to pray now for the strength.
We had a visit in June and it was great.  Lots going on and lots accomplished in just a few weeks.
Reports that our pastors are all busy in their churches and trying new ways of presenting the gospel to the people of Guatemala.
Some have brought their youth groups to Eagle's Nest for retreats, or day camps.  Pastors have come to enjoy a week of preaching in April.
The teams came to minister at Eagle's Nest, and blessed us with singing, dramas, teaching crafts and showing their talents.  Our young teens are now learning to lead worship and showing their love for the Lord.  Some play the guitar and others the drum and others sing.

The church New Spring Baptist Church shares the building of the school New Day School,  We are adding to the congregation and the members are feeling more apart.
The youth and men planned the Mother's Day activities.  It was so nice.  They decorated and had gifts for each mother.  What a blessing.
For Father's Day the women and the youth of the church planned the program.  They were served their brunch, popcorn and cokes.  They had made a tribute to Dad's on the DVD and it was emotional and special for the Dads.  Poems and special scripture was read.
We had some games directed by Elena and Jonah and prizes. At the end of the service I handed out
water guns to the men who had a fun water fight. There were so many laughs and tears all in one day it was wonderful.  Fellowship that is what a church is all about.
Help us pray that we can add more families to our church family.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Resting in the USA

Each year we have taken some time to be home in Kansas to revive.  This year was a little different.  Dr. appointments revealed Larry needed another stent.  We were home 2 weeks when he had his heart procedure.  We are thankful for the doctors skill who took care of his problem with very little down time. We Praise the Lord for his health.  We have taken a overnight trip to visit friends, but mostly we have enjoyed just being home.

We are flying to the northwest to visit family and churches and friends.  May 8-18th.  Then back to Kansas.  Our trip ends June 15th as we head back to help with the summer Mission Teams at Eagle's Nest.

We are so thankful for Pedro and Felis as they have taken over our position and have done a wonderful job.  We are also thankful for our new Staff members Job and Eva Fuentes and our volunteers, Kinsey and Carly Bykerk.  A really great team.  We have good worker who really care for our 50 children.  God has been very good to us.

Prayer Request:
We are in need of House Parents for our older boys.  We need a couple (with no children at home) who can speak Spanish and have had experience with raising teenagers.  Guatemala or North American this is a prayer concern.  Help us find the right people for this position.  They will need to come as missionaries with their own financial support.  The House Parents can be full time or like host family could stay just 3-6 months.  Please contact us if you or you know anyone interested in helping with this need.

This Sunday Larry had the privilege of preaching in Spanish.  The Spanish Church meets in the old gym of the church located in the building where we surrendered.  The old Messiah Baptist Church.  It was fun to be there and it brought back many memories.  It was a blessing to share the gospel and the friendship of new believers.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Busy Life of a Missionary

The job of a missionary is to work yourself out of a job.  It seems like we just keep working into more jobs.  God has been good, giving us good health, but the schedule that we have here at Eagle's Nest is hectic.  The programs and activities here keep us all busy.  We are so thankful for Pedro and Felis to share the work.  We prayed for more help and God revealed to us that we needed a local family to add to our staff.
Job Fuentes has been a faithful pastor and example to his church members and to his family.  We have watched them grow, after much prayer we have invited him and his family to join our staff.
We have know Job since he was a baby, he is the son of our first pastor.  Isreal Fuentes of San Jose Caben, San Marcos. He graduated from the seminary which started in Huehuetenango.  He has been the pastor of the church in San Marcos, Calvary Baptist Church. Nery Dias is now the pastor in that church.  He has helped in his Dad's church and was praying and looking for a place to ministry so he could be in full time ministry.  

We are very excited to have their family here to minister.  They will help with the Children's home ministry and Manna and also will be helping with our teams. He has some English and will be learning more.  They will be attending the church here at Eagle's Nest.  

Boggs, Patlan's and Fuentes ready to work. 
The Lord has great things for this ministry.  We have a big opportunity to mold the lives or our children in the home, and the children of the community who come to school and the children in need of their daily needs in the Manna Feeding program. 
We cannot do this ministry without prayer and even financial support.  
Please pray for the needs of this ministry to be met.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

San Marcos

Just a short update on things happening in Guatemala.  Recently the big earthquake shook our country.
It made many people aware that God is in control.  Christians and nonChristians, need to look to Him for our daily protection and need.

Job Fuentes lives in San Jose Cabén, San Marcos.  He and his Dad Isreal are co pastors of our first church.  Job called today to say in the aftermath of the devastation from the earthquake, 200 homes were leveled.  Many of the building in the center of town were destroyed.  He said we would not recognize the town we once lived in.  Large building and hotels will be bulldozed away.  With all the cleanup he said the dust never settles and now many people are getting sick from all the dust.

We are so thankful that none of our members were hurt and their homes are in tact.  God does put his protective hand on the faithful.

All of our pastors need prayer and to keep them looking to Him for their strength and comfort.

We have several pastors in that area who will be able to help those in need.

In San Marco area, Adela and Isreal Fuentes, Azael & Lily Calderon, Job & Eva Fuentes, and Wilma & Leonel Perez, this couple had some damage to their home and their children were traumatized.  

Monday, November 12, 2012


We are getting the floor put in the church in Sololá, so this week we had our service in the upstairs hallway.  It was full 80 people.  It was great, our people are very flexible and we had a great time of singing and worship.

God is good and we are looking to see greater things this coming year.

Nehemias is doing better with his preaching and bringing the message down to the level everyone can enjoy and learn from.

Adrianna and Elena 14 yrs old taught the class of the preschoolers.  Janet and our interns Kinsey and Carly take turns teaching the children 5-10.  They all did a great job.The children enjoy playing on the playground before and after church.

We are so thankful for a place to meet and show our love for the Lord.

This week we will have the floor done.
Thank you to all who have support the Lord ministry here in Guatemala.

Just a note about the earthquake.  The shake was strong 7.5 on the rector. There was lots of damage in
San Marco and Quetzaltenago, but we did make the calls and found that the members of our churches in that area we all fine.  We pray for those who did loose their homes and loved ones.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back to Work

Larry and I had a vacation and also some business and Dr. appointments in the past 2 months, but we are back now and ready to work.

Felis and Pedro will be in the USA until Dec 18th. and we will be holding down the fort.

Washington DC was beautiful and it was great to see that part of the country.  We did get lost a few times, but that is all part of the adventure.

Please pray for us as we continue here at Eagle's Nest with new ministry challenges.  The construction is coming to an end, so we can finally concentrate on more Heavenly things.

If you would like to come and help and be a part of the Lord's Ministry here in Guatemala, please contact us.

REQUESTS:  We need English Teachers to commit to teaching English  to elementary children.
                        School year Feb-Sept.
                        We need Computer teachers and the school can always use more computers.  
                        Spanish Sunday School visual aids.  Nursery to 6th grade.
                        Spanish Youth Sunday School material
                        Spanish preteen and teen books and magazines.
                       We are praying for rotation couples to commit to 3 months missionary service.
                        Pray for the home Bible Studies, and outreach programs.

God has great things for Eagle's Nest, it is a light house in this community.  He always blesses the faithful.  

Thank you for your financial and prayerful help to the ministry here on this mountain.  And in other parts of Guatemala where your funds help pastors preach the gospel.

Larry and Claire Boggs

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day of the Pastor & Pot Luck Dinner

Getting ready to serve 110 people 
We left Guatemala on August 20th but the Sunday before we left we had a big party at church.  We celebrated Nehemias our Pastor for "Day Of the Pastor".  We had local visitors and visitors from the USA.

Larry was our speaker, and he spoke in English and Spanish eliminating the need for a translator.

Felis and Pedro and family helped with the special day and it was their first time to pull off a "Pot Luck" not a Guatemalan custom, but an American tradition to feed lots of people without a big cost. The Guatemalan's loved the "New"

A Special Offering to our Pastor Nehemias. 
idea.  Everyone was involved. Eliseo made a sign, the children picked flowers for the tables, the big boys carried chairs and set up tables. the members brought their food to share.  
Our Pastor Nehemias was please and was  honored.  He does a great job for a single Pastor.  We pray the Lord will help him find the perfect wife.

Our church is growing, but we must pray for more men to be involved.  We had 9 men in the service that Sunday. PTL !

God is blessing the New Spring Church of Sololá.

Please pray for the ministry in our absence.

We are in the USA for Dr. appointments and rest, we will be going back to Guatemala on
Oct 25th.

Larry's message English and Spanish.
"Pastoring the Flock"

Food just a little different from USA Potluck
The meal went great very little left overs.
Fried Chicken for all.  

It was our going away party too so the children brought the
flowers to my door.  So sweet!