Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to 2011

The Boggs ministry in Guatemala continues to grow and guide more people towards Heaven.  We started with health issues and ended, healthy and ready to see what God has for us. 

We rang in the New Year in Kansas.  Cold weather and all it was good.  Our family went through so many changes.  Felis and Pedro were holding down the fort at Eagle's Nest,  Ginger and Todd were happy in their Kansas life and then change happened, they are now in the Seattle area. (new church, new school and new friends.)  Vicki made plans to help out and get revived in Guatemala, and Daniel and Cindy stayed firm in Kansas, helping us with our stateside obligations.  We have always said that we need to be flexible, but referring to other people who come to Guatemala, not thinking that 2011 was our year to be very flexible.  

The economy has hit hard everywhere, but God continues to meet our need and those of our ministries.  
Our churches have had a rough year, but each Pastor reports growth.  Soul winning and adding to the churches is the Mission of Every Believer.  The Seminary has graduated 2 great young men this year who have jumped in to complete the Great commission.  We are so thankful for Nehemias who is pastoring here at Eagle's Nest, with the help of Larry and Pedro.   The load is great, and the church is growing. 

The missions and churches we oversee have showed their faithfulness. Some are building, some are training young people, some are reaching out.  The Manna feeding program has produced new believers, who are now taking turns ministering to the children. The Christian school Nuevo Día has shown growth in number and in spirit. The children's home has been a challenge, with mostly older children who have rough backgrounds, but with lots of prayer and the dedication of our Staff and workers, we have seen spiritual growth as well. All of our older children have made professions of faith this year 2011. 

We had a record number of Church Work Teams come and help this year.  They have done physical work to improve the property, and ministered to our local children. The adults, had outreach programs in the nearby communities.  What a blessing.  

We have room for more groups in 2012.  A mission work team will add a new perspective to your church.  Since we are now "Flexible"  we can adapt any kind of a Mission Work Team you desire for your church.  Youth, Silver Sneaker's, Construction, Ministry, VBS, Sewing, Orphans and Widows, Disaster Relief.  Or maybe just a "Retreat / Survey Trip"  See the sights, culture, and ministries of "The Boggs Ministry in Guatemala, fashioned to fit your group.  Rustic or Luxury?    

This is your mission, we are your hands and feet on the field.  Come and See what your funds are doing. 

Thank you for your faithful support.
Interested in a Mission Team?  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

January 2012

New year and now blogspot.  Teaching old dogs new tricks is not easy. We are now in the "third age" as they call it in Guatemala and we are feeling our age as well as slowing down.  God has given us wonderful people to work with, from our local Pastors to the Eagle's Nest ministries.  We now have help. 
The goal of a missionary is to work himself out of a job.  We are trying. 

Our plan is to be in the USA Feb 5-June 5th. We would like to visit many of our faithful churches. Our home is in Kansas so we will start there, relax and be happy to visit your church or meet for coffee.  We will be in the Pacific Northwest from Mid-April to last of May, so if we could report to your church about what is going on in Guatemala we would love to share.  

Contact us at and we will head your way. 

God is truly blessing our lives and it is such a joy know that souls are being added to our heavenly family, as we partner here on our mountain.  

Help us pray for the:
   New Birth Baptist Church as it, grows along with our young pastor Nehemias.  
   They will have VBS this next week.  Jan 2-7th. Expecting 200 kids. 
   Calvary Baptist in San Marcos has broken ground and has started up with the walls. 
   Seminary is praying for the students for this next year. 
   Maranatha Baptist in St. Irene is going through a tough time, Pastor's mother-in-law is in a coma since Sept.  The family is caring for her at home. 
   San Jose Caben is growing and we pray for their youth and their testimony. 
   Jamie's little Bethel Baptist church in Las Majadas continues to struggle and they need a building. 
   Door of the Pines Baptist has a great group of youth, leading VBS with 160 kids.
   Felis and Pedro as they help with the church and school and orphanage. We now have 32 children to raise. 
   The Block family as they learn the language and culture. 
In conclusion, no we are not retiring.  We are transitioning.  We don't know the future, but we know who hold the future.  We are willing and as long as we are able, we think God is not through with us yet. 

Larry and Claire