Monday, November 19, 2012

San Marcos

Just a short update on things happening in Guatemala.  Recently the big earthquake shook our country.
It made many people aware that God is in control.  Christians and nonChristians, need to look to Him for our daily protection and need.

Job Fuentes lives in San Jose Cabén, San Marcos.  He and his Dad Isreal are co pastors of our first church.  Job called today to say in the aftermath of the devastation from the earthquake, 200 homes were leveled.  Many of the building in the center of town were destroyed.  He said we would not recognize the town we once lived in.  Large building and hotels will be bulldozed away.  With all the cleanup he said the dust never settles and now many people are getting sick from all the dust.

We are so thankful that none of our members were hurt and their homes are in tact.  God does put his protective hand on the faithful.

All of our pastors need prayer and to keep them looking to Him for their strength and comfort.

We have several pastors in that area who will be able to help those in need.

In San Marco area, Adela and Isreal Fuentes, Azael & Lily Calderon, Job & Eva Fuentes, and Wilma & Leonel Perez, this couple had some damage to their home and their children were traumatized.  

Monday, November 12, 2012


We are getting the floor put in the church in Sololá, so this week we had our service in the upstairs hallway.  It was full 80 people.  It was great, our people are very flexible and we had a great time of singing and worship.

God is good and we are looking to see greater things this coming year.

Nehemias is doing better with his preaching and bringing the message down to the level everyone can enjoy and learn from.

Adrianna and Elena 14 yrs old taught the class of the preschoolers.  Janet and our interns Kinsey and Carly take turns teaching the children 5-10.  They all did a great job.The children enjoy playing on the playground before and after church.

We are so thankful for a place to meet and show our love for the Lord.

This week we will have the floor done.
Thank you to all who have support the Lord ministry here in Guatemala.

Just a note about the earthquake.  The shake was strong 7.5 on the rector. There was lots of damage in
San Marco and Quetzaltenago, but we did make the calls and found that the members of our churches in that area we all fine.  We pray for those who did loose their homes and loved ones.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back to Work

Larry and I had a vacation and also some business and Dr. appointments in the past 2 months, but we are back now and ready to work.

Felis and Pedro will be in the USA until Dec 18th. and we will be holding down the fort.

Washington DC was beautiful and it was great to see that part of the country.  We did get lost a few times, but that is all part of the adventure.

Please pray for us as we continue here at Eagle's Nest with new ministry challenges.  The construction is coming to an end, so we can finally concentrate on more Heavenly things.

If you would like to come and help and be a part of the Lord's Ministry here in Guatemala, please contact us.

REQUESTS:  We need English Teachers to commit to teaching English  to elementary children.
                        School year Feb-Sept.
                        We need Computer teachers and the school can always use more computers.  
                        Spanish Sunday School visual aids.  Nursery to 6th grade.
                        Spanish Youth Sunday School material
                        Spanish preteen and teen books and magazines.
                       We are praying for rotation couples to commit to 3 months missionary service.
                        Pray for the home Bible Studies, and outreach programs.

God has great things for Eagle's Nest, it is a light house in this community.  He always blesses the faithful.  

Thank you for your financial and prayerful help to the ministry here on this mountain.  And in other parts of Guatemala where your funds help pastors preach the gospel.

Larry and Claire Boggs

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day of the Pastor & Pot Luck Dinner

Getting ready to serve 110 people 
We left Guatemala on August 20th but the Sunday before we left we had a big party at church.  We celebrated Nehemias our Pastor for "Day Of the Pastor".  We had local visitors and visitors from the USA.

Larry was our speaker, and he spoke in English and Spanish eliminating the need for a translator.

Felis and Pedro and family helped with the special day and it was their first time to pull off a "Pot Luck" not a Guatemalan custom, but an American tradition to feed lots of people without a big cost. The Guatemalan's loved the "New"

A Special Offering to our Pastor Nehemias. 
idea.  Everyone was involved. Eliseo made a sign, the children picked flowers for the tables, the big boys carried chairs and set up tables. the members brought their food to share.  
Our Pastor Nehemias was please and was  honored.  He does a great job for a single Pastor.  We pray the Lord will help him find the perfect wife.

Our church is growing, but we must pray for more men to be involved.  We had 9 men in the service that Sunday. PTL !

God is blessing the New Spring Church of Sololá.

Please pray for the ministry in our absence.

We are in the USA for Dr. appointments and rest, we will be going back to Guatemala on
Oct 25th.

Larry's message English and Spanish.
"Pastoring the Flock"

Food just a little different from USA Potluck
The meal went great very little left overs.
Fried Chicken for all.  

It was our going away party too so the children brought the
flowers to my door.  So sweet!  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Visit and Birthday Party

We were invited to a neighbor's Birthday Party.  The time was off so we arrived late.  The family had eaten and so had we, but they still fed us as if we had not eaten in months.  They informed us that the party was really in their little church just a little ways up the hill. We had already parked the car and walked up a trail to their house.  They were pleased we came and honored.  The girls were all a buzz getting ready for church, washing their hair and getting ready.  After we ate we followed them up the hill......I mean the MOUNTAIN.  I know we climbed 1000 ft up. Every step was up.  Then just another block to the church. I hardly made it and was shaking and out of breath and perspiring... sweating out of every pore of my body.  Whew!  The program had started and I just couldn't go another step.  I had to sit while one of the girls ran to get me a bottle of water.  So out of shape for a mountain hike on SUNDAY wearing flip flops and a dress.  Larry ran down to the car and brought it up to hill, (they didn't tell us we could have just park close to the church).  Julia and I walked slowly to the parking area where Larry would pick me up.
"Panty waste",  I thought.   While waiting I asked Julia about our little friend from Manna who we just took to the hospital a few days before.  We thought she had a broken toe, but we found out that it was just dislocated and now was in a cast.  We had just walked by her house (while huffing and puffing) and didn't know her house, she is a new girl in our Manna program.  Well, as we waited, Silvia's parents walked up.  Larry parked the car and we had a good visit with them.  They said they were Mormon and that they were happy that little Silvia had a fun and safe place to come and play.  We invited them to church and they accepted the invitation.  We pray that this visit and connection we bring them to the knowledge of the Lord.  It is all in the timing.  If I would not have "wimped out", we would not have met the sweet family  Augustine and his wife Isabela.

We were able to give a gift and greet the Birthday man, Santiago.  His children come to Manna and also attend our church and youth program.  This all happened after we had church where Larry spoke about "How we should pray"  His will be done !

Don't for get to pray.


Sanitago's girls.  Julia helped me.

Larry and Santiago and Claire
The Birthday man. 

Eagle's Nest from the top of the mountain. 

Ruby and Silvia with the hurt toe. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Manna Feeding Center

Manna World Wide has sent Mike Haley and his wife Diane to visit us out here at Eagle's Nest. We had great connection after many year losing contact with them. Their visit encouraged us and Pastor Mike spoke to our Manna Feeding Center.  We guided them on a tour across the lake to the village of Santiago. The fellowship was wonderful.

We are very proud of our orphans now, as they help server the children who come for their lunch each day.  The Manna children also are helping do dishes and clean up.  They love the days when we do out reach to needy families.  This is a place of learning and love.

Our teams who come to serve at Eagle's Nest also receive blessing from the children as much as the children are blessed.  Lessons, crafts and new songs all to the Glory of God.

Pray for Pastor Nehemias as he teaches this up and coming church.  Several children are ready for Baptism soon.
Please note and we thank the group from LeRoy who painted our walls a softer yellow a nice improvement to the green wall. It hardly looks like the same place.

Just a few photos of Manna at Eagle's Nest.
Pastor Mike Haley giving a devotion. 

Nahum, one of our kids helping serve. 

Role call with Pastor Nehemias

Food for the children. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Larry Claire Felis and Pedro working together. 
Wonderful helpful team finishing projects all over the campus.
Thank you ! 

Friends and helpers and supporters.  Jimmy and DeeAnn Breannan
Thanks for your spiritual encouragement and love. 
Minnesota Team of young people 92 came to minister and serve.
The Lord sent them to replace teams who cancelled.  We were so Blessed ! 

Time just flies when you are having fun !

Visitors and team !  We have had the joy of hosting several teams here at Eagle's Nest.  We are so thankful for the encouragement we have found in people helping people.  Our Guatemalan friends have been so blessed by, medical and dental groups.  And the ones who just helped us shuffle beds and arrange the home to be better for the children.  We now have girls on the main floor and boys on the lower level.  They have plenty of light, sufficient bathrooms (when there is water) and bed for each one to sleep in their own bed.

Now for the water,  always a problem at Eagle's Nest.  The town of Sololá, has felt their need is greater than our, and have been only giving us 1-2 hours of city water a day.  We attend 200 plus worker a day.  That is a lot of flushes and plus washing clothes and bathing.

Help us pray for a solution to the water problem. A Well?  A bigger Deposit?  A Pump?

The ministry is here and the community is being reached.  Manna children are wanting more Bible studies.  The kids are growing spiritually.

It is a huge job to keep everything moving along.  Larry and I are thankful for Felis and Pedro's help and our encouraging Teams !

Thank you to all who have helped.

Now to ask you to help us pray for the solution to our water problems.  It take someone experienced,
plus funds and we know the Lord has someone our a church who can help with this solution.

God Bless.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

First week back.

Larry greeting our church in San Jose Caben at a Birthday party. 
Olivia's Birthday party one of first converts in 1979. 
Visiting in the rain. 

Azael and Lily faithful pastor and wife, they need physical
strength.  She is caring for her mother dying with a brain tumor
He has body pain that is unexplained.  

Now working with his Dad, Isreal in San Jose Caben.
Job and Eva are
waiting for God's will and direction. 

Adela and Isreal the couple in the middle, they are enjoying
the help from their son, Job.  It is hard to find more dedicated
people than these.  

This week we were also blessed with a Mission Team taking the gospel to many places in Guatemala.  They are from Alabama.  They worked (sprayed clorox on a moldy ceiling) and presented the gospel and play with the kids for 3 days with us. 
We are so thankful for our work teams, we could not be here and continue with out help from our friends in the USA.  God is at work in Guatemala, but we can always use more help. 
Pray for us. 
Thank you for your faithful support.  
Those words seem so little when your funds help so much. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Harvest is Ready !

The Bible speaks about the harvest of souls.  Our job as missionaries is to reach as many as we can for His Kingdom. We have had a rest and we have prayed for an increase.  God has helped us with our vision of winning souls by many different avenues.  We need to be all things to all people to save some.   As church planters we have seen our churches grow in number and in spirit.  We are amazed to see now the children who grew up in our Sunday School and VBS classes now as leaders in the churches.  Some are pastors and others leaders.

What is needed is more instruction.  Ladies Retreats, Pastors Conferences, Youth Camps and Sports camps, Manna Feeding Programs, the Local Churches with Baptism activities, Picnics, and Pot lucks, Outings, VBS and our Christian School and Seminary are some of the avenues we have used.

It is our job to teach and instruct. Our 13 churches + some new ones added to our fellowship continue to serve weekly.  Edifying the saints and their children.  Our newest work at Eagle's Nest struggles with very few men who have joined the church, our job now is to "Bring Them In"!

The job is great, the fields are ready.  We are praying for laborers, committed and willing to do what has been set before us.

You could help with giving of yourself for His service.  Not for us, but for the Lord.

We have been given a job too big for us, but not to Big for the Lord.

If you cannot go, you could give so that we can continue to go forward.

Help with this ministry, please consider a gift to:
Larry Boggs
Central Missionary Clearinghouse    
PO Box 219228
Houston, TX 77218-9228

PS.  There are churches needing a roof, and one needs a building, Sunday School material in Spanish,
Musical instruments, workers and speakers.  If your church would like to bring a team we will be happy to host your church.  Come on down and make a difference.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


We only have a few new things to report.
      The church in San Marco has called a new pastor.  He happens to be one of our former pastors of the mission at Eagle's Nest.  Nery Días.  We believe he and his family are a good fit. They live close to this church.   We pray that his influence and faithfulness in this new work will bring Glory to God.  They are still needing the roof added to their new building.
      Pastor Job is continuing in San Jose Caben with his parents until the Lord opens up a new ministry for him.

      Nehemias getting spread thin, with the ministry at Eagle's Nest.  We are praying for some help with the services and programs needed in the area.
      The church building is getting finished and class rooms are set up to start Sunday Services in the classrooms and having the Worship all together at the Church time.
      We are praying for a Manna program for the church in St. Irene  with Lily and Azael Caldaron.
      Please pray for worker to help in all the ministries as the ministry at Eagle's Nest expands.

Thank you again for all your prayer support and financial support.

Claire and Larry Boggs

Enjoying the USA

Larry and I have been super busy since we arrived in Feb.  Time is going away fast.  We have really enjoyed connecting with our friends.  We have had lots of enjoyable times over food, therefore diets are now needed.

Easter was especially great to have Daniel and his family and Vicki and her family together on Easter Sunday.  The times together with the whole family is a thing of the past, but we have enjoyed the special days we have had with the ones here in Kansas.

Wednesday we head for Seattle, we will be flying out to see Ginger and family. We will be visiting several churches and some of my family.  (Remember I'm an Oregonian).

We return to Kansas May 17th and then June 1st we fly back to Guatemala.

God has given us good health and we are happy and thankful for all our supporters.  We plan to be back sometime in the fall, so if you would like us to visit your church please contact us.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Resting and Painting and Computer Workshops

This time of revival for these old missionaries has been wonderful.  Not only are we getting to rest,  we have visited churches and shared what is going on in Guatemala with the Lord ministry there.

                                                                                                                                                                    Larry has worked on cars, exercised, attended computer workshops, visited the Oklahoma City memorial  and had time to work on sermons.  In addition we visited family and friends.

Claire has rested, visited friends, reported at churches, worked on the computer, attended computer workshops, and taking a water color painting classes and loved on the grandkids.

We will be ready to go back to work June 1st.

While we are away Our kids Felis and Pedro Patlan, and Amy and Todd Block are keeping things under control with the ministry.  We are so thankful for the help.  God bless and protect them while we are resting.  

Resting a very important time of day.

It is a load off our minds to know that someone is holding down the fort while we are away.

We are being revived.  Thank you for your prayers.

Painting buddies, Jane Ewert and Ruby Gaston at
the governors mansion in Topeka, KS 

Painting called "Sad" our teacher is Marty Penner 

Monday, March 5, 2012

What Happened to February?

Larry and I are enjoying the US.  The weather has been delightful, even though we were hoping for snow. (no snow yet)
The purpose of our trip to Kansas was to rest a while.  Then we were to enjoy friends and family and visit a few churches.  So far we have been able to meet with many of our "Old" friends.  It is fun catching up.  And we will visit a few churches and just be filled listening to great preaching.

While we are away the "Mice" are still working hard in Guatemala. Felis and Pedro and the Block family are holding down the fort.   They are hosting teams and keeping the construction moving along.  It is an added stress to keep the school and home and constructions and visitors all happy and busy.  Sound like that is all being accomplished and we are proud of our "Temporary Replacements" or you might say they are doing on the job training for both families.  Thanks !

Please pray for the new struggling church at Eagle's Nest,  there are so many needy families.  They also need the Lord.
The devil is trying very hard to defeat and discourage our young pastors and leaders in our churches.  They all need Christ's arms of protection around them.  January we saw victory,  February we heard of "discord among the Brothers".   We pray for Spiritual and Physical Growth.
Calvary Baptist, San Marcos ready for the roof.  
 Two churches need encouragements: "Roof's Needed"    Calvary Baptist in San Marcos, and the Mission in Huehuetenango.  If you would like to help or physically go and put those roofs on.
                                                         Hammer Swingers Needed!
 Please contact :   or call 316-243-0157.  We are ready to take a construction team.  6-12 men to work in a rustic atmosphere, campout, sleeping and eating and working along side the local men.  7-10 day Work Team, with 2 days of travel, and one day of fun.  Memories to last a life time, and blessings to share.  The costs is approximately $1200 airfare included.  (7 day)
Visitation with Luis Bates, the people are the church.  

Pedro, Pastor Luis, Church member, and Todd Block on the Survey Trip to Huehuetenango
Adobe building for Sunday School and now for the auditorium.   
We have dates available for Aug 15  -   Nov 15. (other dates could be worked in)   Let us know and we'll formulate a team to match your desires and help meet the needs of the people of Guatemala.  Your lives will be changed forever.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Marriage Conference

It seems like a long time ago, but the last week of January we had an overnight Marriage Conference with 12 of our pastors.  The couples came and had meetings and encouragement from 9 am - 2 pm the next day.
Paul Calmes, and his team came to share and enjoy.  The couples listened to the instructions of the pastors with experience.  Larry and Pedro translated for the men and Felis and I translated for the women.  We had breakout sessions with lots of  Q & A's.

We ate together and played together and even shed some tears together.  Lynn Walker from the Cowboy Country Church in Oklahoma encouraged us with country music along with each session.  Lily and Azael sang long with Lynn, what a blessing.

The ladies on the Team shared gifts to exchange with husbands as we had a commitment ceremony with promises.
You know the devil would really like to destroy marriages and churches, please pray for your pastor and his wife.  They need your prayer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mission Trip

Larry, Pedro and Todd went on a mission trip for 2 days to check out a couple of our churches who are building or wanting to build.

Job Fuente's church was their first stop and we are so encouraged to see the progress on their new church building.  Wow, the church people have really been working.  The church has been saving their offerings and making sacrifice to start their building.  Todd and Amy Block and their family members have given offerings to help, along with many others.

The building is just the shell, but the church is the people.  God has blessed them, as they are starting to reach more people are adding to their congregation.

The church is small, but their faith is big and God is bringing them the increase.
Please Pray for Job and Eva and their family as they minister in San Marcos, Guatemala.  The Calvary Baptist Church is getting a new look.   More to come on the churches in Huehuetenango.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I was Overwhelmed, Humbled and Amazed at the Gratitude of one man

Those who follow Claire Boggs, Felis Patlan, or Amy Block already are acquainted with our Manna Int. program that provides lunch to 45-60 children five days a week.

You may remember Estela; one of the Manna cooks was diagnosed with a tumor in her abdomen. She had to give up her job at Manna and undergo surgery, which revealed a large grapefruit sized tumor, which thankfully was benign.  Estela has recovered 70-80 % but still doesn’t feel strong enough to return to Manna and thus is unemployed.
Claire, Felis and Amy tossed around several possible jobs for her to earn money because they earnestly wanted to see her prosper. Estela’s husband Javier works for the construction and maintenance part of the Nido del Aguila, (Eagle’s Nest) they attend our local church Nuevo Nacimiento (New Birth) along with their 4 children Sara Miriam Elmer and Clara Luz. Because of this relationship, the girls really wanted to help.
Finally the plan was hatched and after presenting it to Estela and Javier, the girls decided that our teams visiting Eagles Nest might really be interested in personally visiting a Guatemalan home, seeing how they live, how they cook, preparing and even eating their food.  No convincing Estela was needed as she added a typical Guatemalan touch to the meal, and informative explanations of how to use the primitive tools and furniture in their home.
If the wood burning stove and less than modern toilet facilities weren’t enough, Javier’s mother gave the first team visitors a quick glimpse of her home and her even more primitive cooking utensils.  No stove, just 4 small rocks helped to contain the small sticks of her fire on the floor. Actually no fire this day, but they saw the small woven mat that she kneels on while cooking her meal and the variety of clay pots used to cook with.
Well, the lunch was a smashing success with all team members enjoying their food and being mesmerized with a style of living only known to Americans in the “Wild West” movies.
None of the above, however, speaks to the title of this article.  It was Javier who ended up touching my heart.  He came to our apartment and asked if he could talk to us for a moment.  After thanking God and thanking everyone involved in the project, Javier said. “If you have time brother Larry, I would like to tell you a story about my youth”.
 I would like to share Javier’s story as told less than an hour ago.
My dad was always a drunk when I was a boy and my mom suffered a lot.  We were extremely poor and my memories are of him constantly being drunk.  When I was 11 my dad said that he wanted me to go with him to work.  I was excited because I hadn’t spent much time with him and I figured we would earn some money.  We left home to work and after 2 days walking we arrived in a place that was hot and dirty.  I wanted something cool to drink but there was nothing and I began to feel really hungry.  We entered into a small warehouse where there were discarded tortillas on the floor and on the table.  We gathered them up and decided to wash them off in a stream. He said that they were many days old, which probably means mould, hard and dry.
It had been over two days without food and his dad said, “no son, there’s no food today”.
Another day walking and we arrived at a cotton field where I learned to harvest. It was sooo hot and miserable.  I never thought about it when we left, but my dad didn’t bring any change of clothes for me and so we went for more than a month working and sleeping in the same clothes.  I of course wore the typical pants and unfortunately after a month I tore one of the legs.  I couldn’t wear them that way so I scrounged a nail and a piece of wire and twisted the wire to hold the material together.
Javier said to me that yesterday, when he stood in their little makeshift dining room he watched his wife beaming with pride as she served our small American team rice, gravy, chicken and finger bananas for dessert. “I was so thankful” Javier said, thankful to God for providing this opportunity; thankful to Eagle’s Nest, Claire, Felis and Amy for helping this project become a reality.
At that moment my mind went back to when I was eleven years old in the cotton field with my dad, and I realized, said Javier, that my children would not have to go through the extreme poverty that I had experience.  They would not see their dad wasting their meager earnings on liquor. They would not know the pain of going to bed every night hungry. That’s why I’m thankful to God for what He has given me.  When we gave my mother part of the money given for tips, she grasp the bills in her hands, placed her hands in prayer to heaven and gave thanks.
 That's where this man of God learned to be so grateful, from his Godly mother. 

I was so amazed to see what Javier has endured and see how he has led his family to love and trust God.  I was overwhelmed by the human drama in Estela and Javier’s life.  Finally I was humbled to see such extreme gratitude for what we might judge to be “little blessings”.
I didn't expect what Javier said next, but it was the clincher. He thanked God that about one year before his dad died he gave his heart to Christ, becoming a new creature and a Born Again Son of God.  All the other stuff, from hunger and poverty to heat and intoxication instantly became insignificant.  I realized that the God of the universe loved and saved my dad and He has taken every step necessary to take care of me, His child, in Sololá Guatemala.
Thank You Heavenly Father for letting me be a missionary in Guatemala and for letting Claire, Felis and Amy touch my heart by loving Estela and Javier and all the Guatemalan people we serve.
 Larry Boggs

* Photos courtesy of Amy Block 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Baby showers have not caught on here in our community, but a special luncheon is a custom in Sololá.   When the baby girl was 15 days old her parents Irma and Wilson invited all our staff family to their house for a lunch.  We took gifts and we shared a meal which their mother's had prepared for us.  The portions were small and they made sure the Americans had Pepsi to drink.

It was a pleasure to be in their home.  We had to walk down a skinny little mountain trail to make it to their home. The bedroom furniture was moved out into the patio for us to have a banquet table.  It was humbling to see them be so generous when they had so little.

Irma's job is to make tortilla for 50 children everyday for our Manna Feeding Program.  The feeding program is Monday - Friday and has been a blessing to us and the community for a year and a half.  This program not only provides nutritious meals for the children, but also an income to 3 families,  (the 2 cooks and the "tortilla lady" Irma.)  The kids walk 1-2 miles to come for lunch, a Bible lesson, and once a week a swim in the pool. This has been a good way for the kids to have a bath at least once a week and have good food.  We have seen several of the older children receive Christ this past year.  PTL !

Larry had a special prayer for the new baby, (no yet named)  and a blessing over the family and their testimony in the community.

It was a special day.
Pictured below is Johnny, a little brother to Irma has a growth on his neck and it feared cancer.  Please pray for him and his family.  He is 6 years old.

Friday, January 6, 2012

VBS at our New Birth Baptist Church

This was our pastor's first try at VBS since he graduated from Seminary.  Nehemias has done a very good job.  We have learned a few things along the way.

The attendance was good for January, the biggest days attendance was 130 children. All our classes were full.  Pedro had the 12-18 yr old, Nehemias had the 8-12 yr olds. Felis and Janet had the 5-7 group and I had all under 5.  Today I had 33 little ones and 2 moms and one big sister.  We pray that as the children tell their families of what they learned some parents will have the desire to come and hear the word.

22 children accepted the Lord,  several were from our home, but it was great to see those who seem sincere and showed their desire to Follow Jesus.

We are anxious to see what the Lord has for us and Eagle's Nest this year.

Thank you for your prayers.

We are very thankful for the Mission Team from University Heights Baptist in Stillwater, OK who came just in time to help with VBS, neighborhood outreach, and giving a fresh new look to the home for the children.  The lady, Rosa and her daughter, who is in the middle of the team received a blessing as the team paved a walkway making her walk home easier.  We will be seeing her soon in our church as well.
God is so good to bring the right people to help the needy.  God Bless them for coming. Thank you to the church and their "Coffee Shop" for helping them arrive here to make a difference.