Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mission Trip

Larry, Pedro and Todd went on a mission trip for 2 days to check out a couple of our churches who are building or wanting to build.

Job Fuente's church was their first stop and we are so encouraged to see the progress on their new church building.  Wow, the church people have really been working.  The church has been saving their offerings and making sacrifice to start their building.  Todd and Amy Block and their family members have given offerings to help, along with many others.

The building is just the shell, but the church is the people.  God has blessed them, as they are starting to reach more people are adding to their congregation.

The church is small, but their faith is big and God is bringing them the increase.
Please Pray for Job and Eva and their family as they minister in San Marcos, Guatemala.  The Calvary Baptist Church is getting a new look.   More to come on the churches in Huehuetenango.

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