Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Baby showers have not caught on here in our community, but a special luncheon is a custom in Sololá.   When the baby girl was 15 days old her parents Irma and Wilson invited all our staff family to their house for a lunch.  We took gifts and we shared a meal which their mother's had prepared for us.  The portions were small and they made sure the Americans had Pepsi to drink.

It was a pleasure to be in their home.  We had to walk down a skinny little mountain trail to make it to their home. The bedroom furniture was moved out into the patio for us to have a banquet table.  It was humbling to see them be so generous when they had so little.

Irma's job is to make tortilla for 50 children everyday for our Manna Feeding Program.  The feeding program is Monday - Friday and has been a blessing to us and the community for a year and a half.  This program not only provides nutritious meals for the children, but also an income to 3 families,  (the 2 cooks and the "tortilla lady" Irma.)  The kids walk 1-2 miles to come for lunch, a Bible lesson, and once a week a swim in the pool. This has been a good way for the kids to have a bath at least once a week and have good food.  We have seen several of the older children receive Christ this past year.  PTL !

Larry had a special prayer for the new baby, (no yet named)  and a blessing over the family and their testimony in the community.

It was a special day.
Pictured below is Johnny, a little brother to Irma has a growth on his neck and it feared cancer.  Please pray for him and his family.  He is 6 years old.

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