Saturday, April 14, 2012

Enjoying the USA

Larry and I have been super busy since we arrived in Feb.  Time is going away fast.  We have really enjoyed connecting with our friends.  We have had lots of enjoyable times over food, therefore diets are now needed.

Easter was especially great to have Daniel and his family and Vicki and her family together on Easter Sunday.  The times together with the whole family is a thing of the past, but we have enjoyed the special days we have had with the ones here in Kansas.

Wednesday we head for Seattle, we will be flying out to see Ginger and family. We will be visiting several churches and some of my family.  (Remember I'm an Oregonian).

We return to Kansas May 17th and then June 1st we fly back to Guatemala.

God has given us good health and we are happy and thankful for all our supporters.  We plan to be back sometime in the fall, so if you would like us to visit your church please contact us.  

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