Monday, May 28, 2012

The Harvest is Ready !

The Bible speaks about the harvest of souls.  Our job as missionaries is to reach as many as we can for His Kingdom. We have had a rest and we have prayed for an increase.  God has helped us with our vision of winning souls by many different avenues.  We need to be all things to all people to save some.   As church planters we have seen our churches grow in number and in spirit.  We are amazed to see now the children who grew up in our Sunday School and VBS classes now as leaders in the churches.  Some are pastors and others leaders.

What is needed is more instruction.  Ladies Retreats, Pastors Conferences, Youth Camps and Sports camps, Manna Feeding Programs, the Local Churches with Baptism activities, Picnics, and Pot lucks, Outings, VBS and our Christian School and Seminary are some of the avenues we have used.

It is our job to teach and instruct. Our 13 churches + some new ones added to our fellowship continue to serve weekly.  Edifying the saints and their children.  Our newest work at Eagle's Nest struggles with very few men who have joined the church, our job now is to "Bring Them In"!

The job is great, the fields are ready.  We are praying for laborers, committed and willing to do what has been set before us.

You could help with giving of yourself for His service.  Not for us, but for the Lord.

We have been given a job too big for us, but not to Big for the Lord.

If you cannot go, you could give so that we can continue to go forward.

Help with this ministry, please consider a gift to:
Larry Boggs
Central Missionary Clearinghouse    
PO Box 219228
Houston, TX 77218-9228

PS.  There are churches needing a roof, and one needs a building, Sunday School material in Spanish,
Musical instruments, workers and speakers.  If your church would like to bring a team we will be happy to host your church.  Come on down and make a difference.

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