Saturday, June 9, 2012

First week back.

Larry greeting our church in San Jose Caben at a Birthday party. 
Olivia's Birthday party one of first converts in 1979. 
Visiting in the rain. 

Azael and Lily faithful pastor and wife, they need physical
strength.  She is caring for her mother dying with a brain tumor
He has body pain that is unexplained.  

Now working with his Dad, Isreal in San Jose Caben.
Job and Eva are
waiting for God's will and direction. 

Adela and Isreal the couple in the middle, they are enjoying
the help from their son, Job.  It is hard to find more dedicated
people than these.  

This week we were also blessed with a Mission Team taking the gospel to many places in Guatemala.  They are from Alabama.  They worked (sprayed clorox on a moldy ceiling) and presented the gospel and play with the kids for 3 days with us. 
We are so thankful for our work teams, we could not be here and continue with out help from our friends in the USA.  God is at work in Guatemala, but we can always use more help. 
Pray for us. 
Thank you for your faithful support.  
Those words seem so little when your funds help so much. 

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