Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time just flies when you are having fun !

Visitors and team !  We have had the joy of hosting several teams here at Eagle's Nest.  We are so thankful for the encouragement we have found in people helping people.  Our Guatemalan friends have been so blessed by, medical and dental groups.  And the ones who just helped us shuffle beds and arrange the home to be better for the children.  We now have girls on the main floor and boys on the lower level.  They have plenty of light, sufficient bathrooms (when there is water) and bed for each one to sleep in their own bed.

Now for the water,  always a problem at Eagle's Nest.  The town of Sololá, has felt their need is greater than our, and have been only giving us 1-2 hours of city water a day.  We attend 200 plus worker a day.  That is a lot of flushes and plus washing clothes and bathing.

Help us pray for a solution to the water problem. A Well?  A bigger Deposit?  A Pump?

The ministry is here and the community is being reached.  Manna children are wanting more Bible studies.  The kids are growing spiritually.

It is a huge job to keep everything moving along.  Larry and I are thankful for Felis and Pedro's help and our encouraging Teams !

Thank you to all who have helped.

Now to ask you to help us pray for the solution to our water problems.  It take someone experienced,
plus funds and we know the Lord has someone our a church who can help with this solution.

God Bless.

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