Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Visit and Birthday Party

We were invited to a neighbor's Birthday Party.  The time was off so we arrived late.  The family had eaten and so had we, but they still fed us as if we had not eaten in months.  They informed us that the party was really in their little church just a little ways up the hill. We had already parked the car and walked up a trail to their house.  They were pleased we came and honored.  The girls were all a buzz getting ready for church, washing their hair and getting ready.  After we ate we followed them up the hill......I mean the MOUNTAIN.  I know we climbed 1000 ft up. Every step was up.  Then just another block to the church. I hardly made it and was shaking and out of breath and perspiring... sweating out of every pore of my body.  Whew!  The program had started and I just couldn't go another step.  I had to sit while one of the girls ran to get me a bottle of water.  So out of shape for a mountain hike on SUNDAY wearing flip flops and a dress.  Larry ran down to the car and brought it up to hill, (they didn't tell us we could have just park close to the church).  Julia and I walked slowly to the parking area where Larry would pick me up.
"Panty waste",  I thought.   While waiting I asked Julia about our little friend from Manna who we just took to the hospital a few days before.  We thought she had a broken toe, but we found out that it was just dislocated and now was in a cast.  We had just walked by her house (while huffing and puffing) and didn't know her house, she is a new girl in our Manna program.  Well, as we waited, Silvia's parents walked up.  Larry parked the car and we had a good visit with them.  They said they were Mormon and that they were happy that little Silvia had a fun and safe place to come and play.  We invited them to church and they accepted the invitation.  We pray that this visit and connection we bring them to the knowledge of the Lord.  It is all in the timing.  If I would not have "wimped out", we would not have met the sweet family  Augustine and his wife Isabela.

We were able to give a gift and greet the Birthday man, Santiago.  His children come to Manna and also attend our church and youth program.  This all happened after we had church where Larry spoke about "How we should pray"  His will be done !

Don't for get to pray.


Sanitago's girls.  Julia helped me.

Larry and Santiago and Claire
The Birthday man. 

Eagle's Nest from the top of the mountain. 

Ruby and Silvia with the hurt toe. 

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  1. I’m sure the party must have been fun, even though you had to literally climb a mountain to get there. Besides, a little exercise is always good. My best friend has also invited me to his birthday party this weekend at one of the popular Chicago event venues and I’m hoping to have a great time at the party.