Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day of the Pastor & Pot Luck Dinner

Getting ready to serve 110 people 
We left Guatemala on August 20th but the Sunday before we left we had a big party at church.  We celebrated Nehemias our Pastor for "Day Of the Pastor".  We had local visitors and visitors from the USA.

Larry was our speaker, and he spoke in English and Spanish eliminating the need for a translator.

Felis and Pedro and family helped with the special day and it was their first time to pull off a "Pot Luck" not a Guatemalan custom, but an American tradition to feed lots of people without a big cost. The Guatemalan's loved the "New"

A Special Offering to our Pastor Nehemias. 
idea.  Everyone was involved. Eliseo made a sign, the children picked flowers for the tables, the big boys carried chairs and set up tables. the members brought their food to share.  
Our Pastor Nehemias was please and was  honored.  He does a great job for a single Pastor.  We pray the Lord will help him find the perfect wife.

Our church is growing, but we must pray for more men to be involved.  We had 9 men in the service that Sunday. PTL !

God is blessing the New Spring Church of Sololá.

Please pray for the ministry in our absence.

We are in the USA for Dr. appointments and rest, we will be going back to Guatemala on
Oct 25th.

Larry's message English and Spanish.
"Pastoring the Flock"

Food just a little different from USA Potluck
The meal went great very little left overs.
Fried Chicken for all.  

It was our going away party too so the children brought the
flowers to my door.  So sweet!