Monday, November 12, 2012


We are getting the floor put in the church in Sololá, so this week we had our service in the upstairs hallway.  It was full 80 people.  It was great, our people are very flexible and we had a great time of singing and worship.

God is good and we are looking to see greater things this coming year.

Nehemias is doing better with his preaching and bringing the message down to the level everyone can enjoy and learn from.

Adrianna and Elena 14 yrs old taught the class of the preschoolers.  Janet and our interns Kinsey and Carly take turns teaching the children 5-10.  They all did a great job.The children enjoy playing on the playground before and after church.

We are so thankful for a place to meet and show our love for the Lord.

This week we will have the floor done.
Thank you to all who have support the Lord ministry here in Guatemala.

Just a note about the earthquake.  The shake was strong 7.5 on the rector. There was lots of damage in
San Marco and Quetzaltenago, but we did make the calls and found that the members of our churches in that area we all fine.  We pray for those who did loose their homes and loved ones.

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