Monday, November 19, 2012

San Marcos

Just a short update on things happening in Guatemala.  Recently the big earthquake shook our country.
It made many people aware that God is in control.  Christians and nonChristians, need to look to Him for our daily protection and need.

Job Fuentes lives in San Jose Cab√©n, San Marcos.  He and his Dad Isreal are co pastors of our first church.  Job called today to say in the aftermath of the devastation from the earthquake, 200 homes were leveled.  Many of the building in the center of town were destroyed.  He said we would not recognize the town we once lived in.  Large building and hotels will be bulldozed away.  With all the cleanup he said the dust never settles and now many people are getting sick from all the dust.

We are so thankful that none of our members were hurt and their homes are in tact.  God does put his protective hand on the faithful.

All of our pastors need prayer and to keep them looking to Him for their strength and comfort.

We have several pastors in that area who will be able to help those in need.

In San Marco area, Adela and Isreal Fuentes, Azael & Lily Calderon, Job & Eva Fuentes, and Wilma & Leonel Perez, this couple had some damage to their home and their children were traumatized.  

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