Monday, February 11, 2013

Busy Life of a Missionary

The job of a missionary is to work yourself out of a job.  It seems like we just keep working into more jobs.  God has been good, giving us good health, but the schedule that we have here at Eagle's Nest is hectic.  The programs and activities here keep us all busy.  We are so thankful for Pedro and Felis to share the work.  We prayed for more help and God revealed to us that we needed a local family to add to our staff.
Job Fuentes has been a faithful pastor and example to his church members and to his family.  We have watched them grow, after much prayer we have invited him and his family to join our staff.
We have know Job since he was a baby, he is the son of our first pastor.  Isreal Fuentes of San Jose Caben, San Marcos. He graduated from the seminary which started in Huehuetenango.  He has been the pastor of the church in San Marcos, Calvary Baptist Church. Nery Dias is now the pastor in that church.  He has helped in his Dad's church and was praying and looking for a place to ministry so he could be in full time ministry.  

We are very excited to have their family here to minister.  They will help with the Children's home ministry and Manna and also will be helping with our teams. He has some English and will be learning more.  They will be attending the church here at Eagle's Nest.  

Boggs, Patlan's and Fuentes ready to work. 
The Lord has great things for this ministry.  We have a big opportunity to mold the lives or our children in the home, and the children of the community who come to school and the children in need of their daily needs in the Manna Feeding program. 
We cannot do this ministry without prayer and even financial support.  
Please pray for the needs of this ministry to be met.  

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