Monday, July 7, 2014

Ok, We are going back to work.

Larry will be in Guatemala Aug 12, 2014 and I will join him Sept 5.  We are feeling good and are ready to get back out there.
Felis and Pedro have been life savers, of the best minty kind.  We love them and the kids who came to help us in our time of need.  They will be going to the States for 2 month and we will help with the school, manna, home and camp and teams while their are gone.  We are starting to pray now for the strength.
We had a visit in June and it was great.  Lots going on and lots accomplished in just a few weeks.
Reports that our pastors are all busy in their churches and trying new ways of presenting the gospel to the people of Guatemala.
Some have brought their youth groups to Eagle's Nest for retreats, or day camps.  Pastors have come to enjoy a week of preaching in April.
The teams came to minister at Eagle's Nest, and blessed us with singing, dramas, teaching crafts and showing their talents.  Our young teens are now learning to lead worship and showing their love for the Lord.  Some play the guitar and others the drum and others sing.

The church New Spring Baptist Church shares the building of the school New Day School,  We are adding to the congregation and the members are feeling more apart.
The youth and men planned the Mother's Day activities.  It was so nice.  They decorated and had gifts for each mother.  What a blessing.
For Father's Day the women and the youth of the church planned the program.  They were served their brunch, popcorn and cokes.  They had made a tribute to Dad's on the DVD and it was emotional and special for the Dads.  Poems and special scripture was read.
We had some games directed by Elena and Jonah and prizes. At the end of the service I handed out
water guns to the men who had a fun water fight. There were so many laughs and tears all in one day it was wonderful.  Fellowship that is what a church is all about.
Help us pray that we can add more families to our church family.  

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